NJ Assembly Bill A3192

Have you heard of NJ Assembly Bill A3192? A3192 is a bill sponsored by Rep. Linda Stender (D-Union, Middlesex, and Somerset Counties) that requires the labeling of all genetically modified foods. Introduced in July of 2012, it advanced in the assembly last week.

Learn more in the article, “On Genetically Modified Foods, Give Consumers a Choice: Opinion” that Rep. Stender wrote for the Star Ledger on Tuesday, June 25th. Click here to read the actual legislation.


One thought on “NJ Assembly Bill A3192

  1. There are a few tools I would like to share with you:

    Our website address is http://www.gmofreenj.com and is a good primer for the beginner but also has lots of resources for further study.

    We have a lively and informative Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/393763147357979/

    And two Facebook pages–if you are on Facebook please give us a “like”–it really helps to spread awareness:

    And here is a link to the Right To Know GMO website. Encourage people from all states to use this interactive map to contact their legislators to demand labeling:

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