The Art of Deboning a Chicken

1068126193546810686THUMB_309x174_686x386One point that is often raised in debates on food security and other food issues is the fact that there is an increasingly stark disconnect between people and their food—knowing where it came from, how it was grown (tree or vine?!?!), how animals are slaughtered  (not to mention an appreciation for what this entails), how to prepare food that is not 90% processed in a factory, etc. To this end, I thought I would share (what I would deem) a good first step in becoming more acquainted with our food. Earlier this year I had the fortune of seeing Jacques Pépin (the author of our August book read!) at William Paterson University, where he demonstrated deboning an entire chicken.

To learn how to do this (which he says can be done in less than 1 minute!), click here.

Brooklyn Kitchen also offers butchering classes, including an upcoming one where you learn how to butcher an entire cow!


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