About – Who are We?

Eat Local, Read Local! is a book club run by the Jersey City Food Co-op, in cooperation with Tachair Bookshoppe. Our book club is free and open to anyone interested in engaging in great discussions on food…….from politics to preparation! Contact us at bookclub@jcfoodcoop.coop.

The Jersey City Food Co-op

We are a part of and support the cooperative movement—only members may shop, and we share responsibilities and benefits equally. We operate out of  the Community Center behind St. Paul Lutheran Church (440 Hoboken Avenue) and offer a diversity of products, through our online store, with an emphasis on organic, minimally processed and healthful foods. We seek to avoid products that depend on the exploitation of others. We support non-toxic, sustainable agriculture. We’re building a network of residents, local businesses, and producers of ethically grown and produced goods across our area to build a better, healthier Jersey City. As we grow, our policies and products will always reflect our dedication to environmental stewardship, volunteerism and local reinvestment. The JCFC is a collective and collaborative effort. Because strong communities begin with healthy food. To learn more about the Jersey City Food Co-op, click here.

Tachair Bookshoppe

The name, “Tachair,” is taken from a Scottish-Gaelic word often used in story-telling to mean many variations of “to meet.” Tachair Bookshoppe is currently a market bookstore based right here in Jersey City. We sell new and used books and art made by local and world-renound artists. We are located at 260 Newark Ave., in the Historic Downtown District of our rapidly developing city. Our focus is on bringing reads and educational resources to our awesome and creatively thriving community while providing a place for people of all ages to come together over ideas and more! We hope you come check out our collection and stop in for a little conversation. To learn more about Tachair Bookshoppe, click here.

Authentically Local


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